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Drivers Keep Our Country Moving

“When I told my children that truck drivers were working during the pandemic, they wanted to do something special for their heroes.”

– Tera Jackson, Human Resources Vice President

What started as a simple conversation between a mother and her children turned into a nationwide effort recognizing truck drivers. In March, Tera Jackson, IMC Companies Vice President of Human Resources, explained to her 7-year-old twins how grocery stores would sell food during the quarantine. She explained truck drivers would help stock the stores.

“We kept hearing about businesses closing, and my kids questioned how the grocery stores would continue to sell food. I explained that truck drivers would keep delivering the important things to keep us safe and healthy – they are like superheroes.”

Tera’s children asked if they could write a letter and draw pictures for the drivers to show their appreciation. Tera mentioned this activity to the children’s teachers–and with the help of her colleagues at IMCC–a nationwide call-out was created asking children to submit their letters. The “Thank a Driver” campaign received over 100 drawings, notes, and photos from children all over the country. Many of the submissions were published on the company’s social media platforms.

Tera says, “We need to teach our children how important truck drivers are to our world. Often, their work is overlooked, and yet they are an essential part of our nation’s economy and lives. Particularly through this pandemic, drivers are putting their health on the line to ensure we have the necessities. I have been blessed to work for IMC Companies for over 13 years and am committed to helping drivers with their human resources needs.”

“It is important we treat drivers with the respect they deserve. They keep our country moving.” -Tera Jackson