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Insights from the Leader in Electric Truck Initiatives

Jim Gillis, President of Pacific Drayage Services (PDS), an IMC Company was recently featured in an article from the Wall Street Journal discussing how PDS has electric fleet keeps rolling despite limitations of electric infrastructure in California. Gillis has tackled this issue with the purchase of electric charging stations that will charge our tractors, even during peak electric use times.

“Instead, Gillis is installing a system of chargers paired with battery storage. It can discharge power to trucks even during times of grid stress. The battery storage itself can recharge at a time of day when electricity prices are the cheapest. He is also hedging Gillis tripled his usual order of new diesel trucks from 30 to 100, which will arrive by year-end, just beating the deadline before California phases them out.”

These actions put us on track to becoming a zero-carbon drayage provider by 2028, surpassing the state’s deadline of 2030. We’re working hard to protect our environment and providing sustainable drayage services for you. Read the full article HERE, and read more about our sustainable practices HERE.