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Donna Lemm Featured in Transportation Podcast

Rainmaking Podcast has launched a new edition featuring IMC Companies Executive Vice President of Sales Donna Lemm. The podcast discusses the role of women in the transportation industry and the importance of technology in the intermodal space.

“We source all of our technology internally. We are very fortunate because we have a lot of depth in our IT department staff. We have great leadership from our CIO (Joel Tracy), but more than that, we have a chairman (Mark H. George) who believes in technology,” said Lemm. “We are always mindful of what’s going on outside of our realm. It’s not just about size and scale, it’s about being able to respond to an e-commerce world demanding speed and demanding that we respond in every area not just execution but in billing, in invoicing, in our response time. It’s a very exciting time to be in this business.”

Listen to the podcast.