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AIS Named Mid-Atlantic Trucking Company of the Year

Evergreen Shipping Agency (America) Corporation recently announced that it awarded Atlantic Intermodal Services with the prestigious Trucking Company of the Year award for the Mid-Atlantic region. In a congratulatory letter to AIS, Evergreen’s president, Roy Amalfitano, noted that, “Atlantic Intermodal Service’s consistent level of performance as a transportation partner has earned this recognition.”

AIS president, Jeff Banton, noted that, “This award goes to our entire Norfolk Region who continually provides stellar service and handles the Mid-Atlantic region for Evergreen.” Team members from the Greensboro office at AIS include Sue Collins, Ashley Madden, William Miller and Kelly Smith. Team members from the Norfolk office at AIS include Frank Borum, Lauren Forbes, Susie Gresham, Janet Hirsch, Shelby Iniguez, George Jurak, Gerry Mills and Brooke Rutherford. Thank-you also to the hardworking drivers in the Norfolk Region that delivered the service.