Driver Newsletter

Meet Operations Manager for the OTR team at GIS

After working at Gulf Intermodal Services (GIS) for the past year and a half, Jocelyn’s appreciation for the company and its drivers runs deep. “Everything really begins and ends with our drivers,” she says. “In order for us to truly connect with and hold value for our customers, we must first care for the drivers and keep them moving.”

When it comes to priorities, Jocelyn notes that GIS has the right perspective. “Our #1 goal is driver safety and satisfaction,” she says. “If we get that right, then that allows us to keep freight moving for our customers, which keeps them happy.”

When it comes to driver satisfaction, she notes that listening is key. “Here, we make it a goal to hear drivers out, help them resolve their issues, put them on runs they prefer, and treat them like they are important – because they are,” she says. “The focus on drivers at GIS is something that stands out from any other place I’ve worked. Here, the drivers have a voice and we’ll do anything we can to assist them.”

According to Jocelyn, GIS drivers seem to also notice and appreciate the support. “As long as you take care of the driver, they take care of you and our customers.”

Jocelyn has a lot of respect and gratitude for drivers, particularly over the past year and a half. “We’ve dealt with everything from the pandemic to winter storms and the drivers have taken it all in stride,” she says. “We’re all in the trenches together, trying to tackle the issues we face and we’ve come out on top, getting freight delivered for our customers. It’s a pretty great feeling to be a part of a team who can do that.”

What would Jocelyn say to a driver considering coming to GIS? “Take the chance. Come over to GIS and let us show you what it’s like to be treated like a real driver,” she says. “We understand and respect what you do for our customers and for our country – and we are grateful for your service.”