Customer Newsletter

IMC Logistics Expands Cross-Border Solutions

IMC has long offered cross-border services to our customers but we’ve been able to expand that offering through our recent acquisition of American Pacific Transportation. In addition to our terminal in El Paso, TX, we also have a terminal in Calexico, CA and can ensure seamless border crossings at various entry points including Pharr/McAllen, Laredo, Brownsville, Calexico/Mexicali, El Paso, and Otay Mesa/Tijuana.

When it comes to cross-border services, we know that location, security, speed and transparency are key. Our drivers will deliver your containers to a secure yard at the Mexican border, where our trusted partner will pick up the container, cross the border and safely deliver your cargo to its destination. Read more about IMC’s Cross-Border Solutions here. Simply reply to this email to be connected to an expert who can help