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IMC Announces Significant Investment in ZEV Technology

IMC, the largest marine drayage provider in the nation, announced a significant investment in sustainability at a special event in Compton, CA on March 6, 2024. There, IMC unveiled state-of-the-art electric vehicle charging stations and announced the recent purchase of 50 Nikola hydrogen fuel cell trucks as part of the company’s dedication to a greener future in drayage.

The new hydrogen trucks in IMC’s fleet will enable the industry leader to leverage the vehicles’ 500-mile range to service customers with sustainable drayage in a larger service area. The company already has Volvo electric trucks as part of their fleet. The new Freewire electric charging stations will empower IMC drivers to charge their trucks on-site, enabling them to provide reliable service to customers while reducing the company’s overall carbon footprint.

IMC Pacific Region President, Jim Gillis, expressed his excitement about the investments, stating, “At IMC, we believe in the power of sustainable drayage to drive positive change for the environment. Our blended approach to investing in both electric and hydrogen gives us the best of both technologies. We’re proud to lead the charge in sustainable drayage solutions.”

The March 6 event, organized by IMC, brought together industry and supply chain experts, sustainability advocates, and local community leaders to unveil IMC’s latest innovation in its commitment to sustainability while fostering collaboration in pursuit of a cleaner environment. IMC also announced the opening of a new facility at 15036 and 14978 Ceres Avenue in Fontana, CA. This eight-acre facility is equipped with high amperage service, allowing the development of 30 electric charging stations on-site. This site will be instrumental to IMC’s goal of zero-emission vehicle deployment in the Inland Empire of California.

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