Driver Newsletter

This Driving FOURCE is a Major Resource for IMC Drivers!

We have an amazing group of four who has worked together for nearly 30 years, serving drivers and customers every day!

Meet George Robinson, Caroline Adams, Colleen Wienckowski, and Scott Kilchrist – all of whom work at IMC’s terminal in Philadelphia, PA where they serve IMC customers, support drivers and operate a five-acre secure, bonded depot.

This team has a decades-long ‘can-do’ attitude when it comes to work.

“I’m ready, willing and able to do anything to support our drivers and our customers – as is our whole team,” says George Robinson, VP of Trucking Operations. “I can unload containers, help with transloading, rigging, sales, literally – whatever is needed to achieve success.”

All four agree on that – and the fact that drivers are at the heart of the business.

“If we don’t have drivers, we don’t have anything,” says Robinson. “They are the heart and soul of our company – and we have a lot of respect for the people who turn the wheels here.”

IMC’s Philadelphia terminal has drivers who have been with the company almost 25 years, and the average driver has been there over a dozen years!

“It’s important that they know we appreciate them and that we’ve got their backs when those hard times come up. They could go work anywhere, and we’re glad they choose to work here, just like the four of us do.”

One of the main reasons the group has continued to work at IMC together is that it’s fun!

“This can be a hard job, but someone is always cutting the tension with humor,” says Scott Kilchrist, Dispatcher who manages operations, equipment, driver relations and more. “Plus, we’re always there to help support each other, no matter what is going on.”

For this team, part of the fun is the variety of things they get to do to help support drivers.

When asked why they have stayed working together at IMC for so long, George Robinson commented, “People often ask when we’re going to retire and I say, ‘Why would you retire from something that makes you feel so good?’ These are my teammates but, after 30 years, it feels more like my family.”