Driver Newsletter

At IMC, Mechanics Keep Our Drivers Road-Ready

For IMC drivers, our mechanics serve two main purposes. They are the invaluable people who maintain and repair our equipment AND they are central to the way IMC works.

One such mechanic is Jacques. For Jacques, being a mechanic is a labor of love – and being at IMC is a family tradition. His mother, Jacqueline, has been in the company’s accounting department for 23 years and his brother works in the repair shop as well, washing trucks and taking care of the facility.

In his job, Jacques handles maintenance and repair such as oil changes, preventative maintenance, electrical repairs and more. “I go wherever the driver needs me,” says Jacques. “Whether it’s an in-house repair or a mobile repair, we do everything we can to get drivers back in action and road-ready fast.”

Jacques and his team are honored that many of IMC’s new trucks come to Memphis to get prepped. “We get to put in the cameras, decal the trucks, and check the trucks out completely and make sure they are safe, reliable and looking great so that our drivers can shine,” he says. “Putting that new IMC logo on the trucks is amazing and we all feel a sense of pride when see them on the road.”

Jacques notes that driver satisfaction is his #1 goal. “The drivers are everything to us,” he says. “When we see new drivers come in, we always introduce ourselves. We want them to know that we’re here to help them whenever they need us. Drivers keep America going and so we like to keep drivers going every day.”