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IMC Operating Companies to Transition to IMC in 2023

IMC, the largest marine drayage company in the United States, has announced that all of its operating companies will transition to do business under the IMC Logistics name in 2023.

Currently, IMC Logistics serves its customers via seven regional brands including Atlantic Intermodal Services (AIS), DNJ Intermodal Services (DNJ), Gulf Intermodal Services (GIS), H&M Intermodal (H&M), Intermodal Cartage Company (IMCG), Ohio Intermodal Services (OIS), and Pacific Drayage Services (PDS).

The consolidation to operate under one brand name is strategic both in terms of marketing and operations.

“We started as one company in 1982, and we’re still one company today,” says Mark H. George, IMC Chairman. “Over the years, we have grown both by expansion and acquisition. Now, it is time to unify our regional brands under the IMC name so that we fully leverage our national footprint via which we handle freight via every major rail and port in the country.”

The transition to the IMC Logistics name will happen gradually over the course of 2023 as IMC Logistics integrates one operating company at a time. All IMC operating company presidents will retain ownership in IMC.

“Operationally, nothing will change,” says George. “We will still retain the same regional expertise our customers have come to know and depend upon. Only now, we’ll all operate as one, enabling us to realize efficiencies that will benefit our customers, our team members and, ultimately, the industry.”